Onsite grinding and surface finishing on:


Dryer section ¦ Drums ¦ Calander rolls ¦ Press section ¦ Yankee cylinders

Dryer section

Conventional belt grinding

  • Improved runability, heat transfer and moisture profile of paper.
  • Repairing of cylinder geometry errors like;
    •  Roundness, diameter variation
  • Removing of damage
    • Doctor blade scatter marks, dents and rust 

Finishing of dryers

  • Material removal up to 0,3mm on diameter
  • Repairing of minor axial diameter variation errors
  • Removing of dirt and rust 

Calander rolls and press section

Press section

  • Surface finishing of ceramic center rolls on-site.
  • Trough our on-site finishing service the wanted Ra-value of press section rolls can be restored and a smooth release of paper is ensured.
  • We do have experience of the ceramic cover finishing of the biggest cover manufacturers.

Calander rolls

  • Quick and almost dustless operation to achieve perfect gloss and calandering properties on-site.
  • For both soft and hard covers, for example tungsten carbide and different composites.


Support roll grinding

Support ring grinding

Barker Drum Grinding

  • Repairing of drum carrier surfaces with grinding of support rolls and rings, both axial and radial support surfaces.
  • We understand the behaviour of both rigid and floating rings and have a method to make a successful service grinding.
  • Vibration measurements before and after work if needed.
  • Wintech can arrange a temporiraly drive for the drums, if needed

Furthermore onsite service offering:



  • Different on-site machining services, like on-site drilling, turning and grooving.


Onsite Balancing in 2 planes

  • On-site balancing and vibration analysis of rotary machine components, for example cylinders, blowers and rolls.


  • 3d-modelling and machine design (Solidworks)
  • Troubleshooting of paper making processes and start up service of new machinery, especially SYM-rolls.